This AC Energy Saver will definitely free your mind from incurring huge electricity bills as the summer sets in this year. Reduce your air conditioner’s electricity bill upto 40% without compromising in the room temperature.

Novius Energy Saver presents to you the world’s first and only Programmable Microprocessor based AC energy saver, which has dual sensors that aids in ‘reading’ and programming. It has a display for both room and coil temperature which surely guarantees to save your bills and cuts your cost without compromising on your comfort.

How do you save your bills through an AC energy saver?

The habit of energy saving is basically designed to make economical use of electricity. It is a function of wasted energy and is directly related to wastage. If you think any AC energy saver available in the market would work perfectly for your needs, then you’re wrong. To save energy of ACs which are working continuously under changing temperatures and climates, a complex web of algorithms and controls are essential to get the desired result. Hence, simple ‘plug-n-play’ devices will lead to an increase in the room temperature.

An intelligent AC energy saver device is needed to save your bills and energy over such a wide range of climates and geographical variations.

Details Unit NE-ACS-2.5 NE-ACS-8 NE-ACS-22
Power Unit 04 W 8 W 15 W
Solar Charging Hrs 8
Run Time Hrs 10 12
Battery Capacity mAh 10400 5200 5200
Battery Nominal Voltage V 3.7 14.8
Battery Upper Cut Off Voltage V 4.25 16.8
Battery Lower cut Off V 3 4
Solar Panel pm/Vm/Lm Wp/V/I 14/5.88/2.4 26/17.4/1.5 35/17.4/2
Power Consumptions W 4 7 12
Idle Current μA 10 <10
IP 65
Weight(Light only) gms 1780 3600