Building Lightwash

Lighting plays a central role in how people feel about their city, street or town. That is why the illumination of streets and pedestrian areas has evolved from simple functional lighting into a more demanding and creative discipline. Not only is light required so that people can drive, cycle and walk safely, it must be pleasing and inviting too.

Underwater Lighting

LED lighting is both, crisp and warm – designed to create environments that exceed your guests’ expectations. From the dramatic, elegant lighting of an upscale restaurant to an outdoor lighting designed to draw attention while providing a safer environment or indoor lighting customized to create a pleasing, comfortable atmosphere, we have you covered.

Garden Lighting

Garden Light With rich experience and expertise in the field of road lighting, we are in an ideal position to analyze market trends and create appropriate solutions. We apply technological innovation to the design and development of the road lighting products of the future, to meet the wishes and needs of our customers

Customized Lighting

LED luminaries are designed to provide just the right amount of light to make your customers feel safe and keep them coming back. Occupancy sensors can be added to control the lighting levels and increase efficiency. Better Lighting for a Better Bottom Line.