Open Plan Office & Cabins

Cell offices and internal rooms that lack natural light require lighting more often and thus incur higher energy costs. Our intelligent solutions reduce energy consumption with luminaires that react to natural light, lighting controls that glow on approach and sensors that switch lights off when no one’s around. You can now work smarter and save significantly on energy costs.

Reception & Meeting Rooms

Lighting has a profound effect on the way people feel. Tailor it to the task at hand and you can make your meeting room a far more effective space, enhancing wellbeing, creating excitement or providing an air of quiet calm. Our innovative solutions take LED lighting to new levels of sophistication. Clever features bring out the best in your meeting room and the people who use it.

Retail & Stores

Being successful in retail requires you to provide a relaxing environment & comfort to shoppers. The more the shoppers stay at your store, better are the chances of them buying your merchandise! Lighting plays a critical role in creating the right environment in retail stores.


Creating the right lighting both inside and outside your restaurants and hotels is critical for attracting guests. Our LED lighting products and solutions provide your guests the comfort they seek and at the same time help you save significantly on energy consumption and costs.