Production Area

A properly illuminated environment can help reduce production errors, while adaptable lighting systems ensure the right light is available for specific tasks, even when production cells are reconfigured. With lighting solutions that fit the tasks at hand, the quality of output can improve so that production errors and accidents drop.


Better work environments can elevate worker motivation and increase their productivity. By reducing energy loads and waste, new energy efficient lamps and fixtures can help companies save money on energy and maintenance. Novius lighting solutions for the industrial warehouses can help you meet those expectations, reducing costs while driving quality and efficiency.

Campus Lighting

Lighting create appealing visual environments to help impress visitors and enable employees, all while lighting the important areas of the campus. From a bright parking structure to a comfortable reception area, we formulate every solution to meet your unique needs—whatever the application, whatever the budget.

Structure Lighting

The costs involved in operating parking structures are on the rise. One of the most significant costs hitting the bottom line comes from utility expenditures. High utility costs can be reduced by upgrading to energy efficient high-output LED lighting. Occupancy sensors can be added to control the lighting levels and increase efficiency. Better Lighting for a Better Bottom Line.