NOVIUS LED Bulkhead Lights are used for outdoor path lights for walkways, campuses lighting purposes, NOVIUS LED Bulkhead Lights are more energy-efficient, more environment-friendly and more illuminating as compared to regular lights. Their optic lenses give a wider dispersion of light, covering maximum areas and increasing the pole spacing.


  • Public application lighting - Airports,
  • Car parks and Railway stations
  • Domestic lighting - Corridors and balconies
  • Retail lighting - Walkways, loading docks and storage areas


  • Replacement Of Sodium Vapour And Mercury Vapour High Wattage Lamps.
  • Long Life- Above 50,000 hrs.
  • Less Heat- Less Maintenance
  • High Lumen Output
  • Wide Spread Light To Cover Maximum Area

Details NL-BHL-006 NL-BHL-009 NL-BHL-012 NL-BHL-015
Power 6W 9W 12W 15W
Input Voltage 990-300V AC,Frq 50 HZ
Power Factor More than 0.95
Colour Temperature 5500K to 6500K
CRI More than 75
THD Below 5%
Beam Angle 120-180 deg
Led Luminous Output 130 ~ 160LM/W
Luminaries Efficiency Above 85%
Luminaries Lumens O/P 720 1080 1440 1800
Finish Reflector Crome Plated/Anodized/Powder coated/good design MCPCB
Ingress Protection Up to IP 68
Operating Temperature (-30 deg to 60 deg centigrade)
LED Driver Constant Voltage and Current
Housing High pressure aluminium die casting with powder coated body, toughened glass cover,
silicon gaskets, reflector, with lens/without lens.
Driver Protection Short Circuit, Over Load, Over Voltage and Over Heat Protection